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Service description

Qixxit simplifies travel planning in regional and long-distance transport by combining data and information from many transportation means to meaningful travel chains.

Based on user input and a whole range of assumptions Qixxit finds combinations around the common main transportation means, by combining them with other transportation means. Qixxit only shows travel chains, which are relevant for the user in the respective situation. In this way it is possible for Qixxit to include real-time travel information for some transportation means in its travel chain. The choices for all travel chains are based on timetable data, real-time data, position data and other data Qixxit obtains from its cooperation partners and from device specific functions. Despite utmost care Qixxit cannot assess the correctness, the actuality and the completeness of this data. Also, Qixxit cannot assess the capacity of the transportation means and the actual local and personal circumstances. Therefore, Qixxit users must verify in each case if the proposed travel chains are actually suitable and correspond to their individual needs.

Qixxit presents the generated travel chains in several overviews, which differ in their sorting and form alternative routes. The user can simply use the suggested sorting or he chooses on his own, how much individual criteria should influence the sorting, by customizing Qixxit to his personal preferences.

In addition to the travel chain, Qixxit shows - if available - prices to give the user an idea about the prices for the connection. For the price calculation, Qixxit also relies on the price data supplied by its cooperation partners. The displayed prices are not based on the individual situation of the user, e.g. already existing tickets or reductions. Moreover some transportation means do not allow the provision of price quotes or accurate price quotes. If the user uses a travel chain with leased transportation means, Qixxit only calculates the parts of the price, which apply to the travel chain and travel time. The user might incur additional costs from the lease.

The user gets detailed information regarding a travel chain as soon as he chooses the travel chain in an overview. Depending on the chosen travel chain, this details page also provides assistance with booking some part or the whole travel chain. In many cases Qixxit can recognize with the supplied data that a booking applies to several parts of the travel. As soon as Qixxit recognizes that situation, it combines the parts of the travel in the price display and in the booking assistance. The user chooses himself, in which cases he makes use of booking assistance from Qixxit.

In order to conduct the booking the user usually moves directly to the application of the cooperation partner. To the extent possible, Qixxit provides the related route data to the cooperation party thereby facilitating the user’s booking procedure. Checking availability, the prices of the booking offers, as well as the booking itself, is completely independent of Qixxit and is in the sole responsibility of the user in cooperation with the cooperation partner. Qixxit does not have any information about its users’ bookings and cannot warrant that the whole rout can be booked if several parts are booked.

For bookings with selected partners the user can record his booking wish directly in Qixxit. In this case, the user enters all the relevant data for the booking into the Qixxit user interface. Qixxit transmits the booking wish to the relevant providers. The booking and performance of the mobility services are subject to the terms of the provider. A mobility contract is concluded between the user and the provider if the provider accepts the booking wish of the user. Qixxit is not part of the mobility contract. Qixxit can store data transmitted from the provider for the use of mobility services (such as ticket data) on the users' terminal equipment or on the Qixxit-server, without being obligated to do so.

With Qixxit the user gets a cross-device support from the desktop to the mobile application. He can save his travel chains and the tickets booked with the support of Qixxit on the Qixxit server in anonymized form, in order to use them with other devices. Qixxit users should take into account while planning and realizing their travel, that the Qixxit server will be available only to a limited extent if a technical problem situation occurs. Qixxit users should store their data on a separate medium independently from Qixxit to prevent the total loss of the data in case of an error.

Vouchers / Promotional codes

Qixxit vouchers are promotional codes usually sent by e-mail and entitle the holder to a one-time discount on a booking with Qixxit on the Qixxit website (https://www.qixxit.com). Vouchers are only valid until their expiration date.

Only one voucher can be redeemed per booking. There is a minimum order value for each voucher, which is set individually for each promotion and shown on the voucher. The voucher can only be redeemed for bookings with a price equal to or higher than the minimum order value shown on the voucher. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

Some vouchers may only be redeemable when booking certain products or product groups, e.g. tickets from specific airlines or train tickets.

If a ticket booked with a voucher is canceled, the value of the voucher will not be refunded.

Vouchers cannot be combined with other vouchers or discounts. Vouchers cannot be redeemed by employees of QT Mobilitätsservice GmbH.

Release date: November 2017