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Travel to Prague

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Why should I visit Prague ?

The beauty and the beer
Ask anybody about Prague and they'll start raving about its beauty, its edge, its fantastic beer. Since the end of the communist era in 1989, the Czech capital has become one of Europe's most exciting travel destinations, but its turbulent history goes back more than 1000 years – and that's easy to see when getting lost in the maze of cobbled streets and ancient buildings. Don't mistake Prague for a history-only-city, though. Innovation and cutting-edge art have always been running through this amazing city's veins.

3 of the many reasons to travel to Prague

  1. Travel to Prague - Charles Bridge
    Charles Bridge
    The Charles Bridge is one of the world's most beautiful bridges and surrounded by legends. One of them states that eggs and dairy were mixed into the cement when constructing the bridge. Another one that it will bring you luck if touch the plaque on the bottom of the statue of John of Nepomuk. Don't get confused though: There are several statues on the bridge and even though some of the plagues are just as shiny, rubbing them will supposedly not have the same effect.
  2. Travel to Prague - Prague Castle
    Prague Castle
    The Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. It used to be the seat of Charles IV. Today, it's the official residence of the president of the Czech Republic – and Prague's major attraction. Within its walls you'll find different museums and several churches that can be explored after buying a ticket. Don't feel like spending the day inside? No problem, just come for the guard mounting at 12 pm and stroll through the castle's courtyards for free.
  3. Travel to Prague - St. Vitus Cathedral
    St. Vitus Cathedral
    St. Vitus Cathedral is the centre of the Prague Castle – and a Gothic masterpiece that was built over 600 years. It's stunning interior features huge stained glass windows that were partly painted by the famous Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha. Also, this cathedral is the burial place for many Bohemian Kings and Holy Roman Emperors as well as the home of the Crown Jewels.
Did You Know?

The Prague Castle lights up at night...

... thanks to a donation by the Rolling Stones. In 1995, after their performance at the Strahov Stadium, the band decided to pay $32,000 for the system that illuminates the castle today.

When is the best time to visit Prague?

The best time to go to Prague is in spring or autumn as the weather is mild and breezy. The summer months of July and August are usually very sunny and dry, but also extremely busy. If you prefer emptier streets and don't mind the cold, you can also travel to Prague in the winter months.The city is especially magical in December when Christmas decorations are up.

How can I get to Prague?

Prague has 1 main airports and several conveniently located train and bus stations
Stations in Prague

Train stations

Praha hl.n.



Bus stops

Prag ÚAN Florenc
Prag Hbf

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How can I reach Prague's city centre from the airport?


From the Václav Havel Airport, you can reach Prague's city centre via coach (Flixbus and RegioJet), bus (100, 119, 191 and 910) and the Airport Express (AE) shuttle that brings you directly to the main railway station.


Which cities can I reach from Prague by train?


By train, you can easily reach the cities of Karlštejn, Olomouc, Český Krumlov,Karlovy Vary, Kutná Hora and Turnov (where you can find the Bohemian Paradise national park).

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Prague Travel Tips

  1. food
    Tastiest food to try
    Great: Trdelník. It's not of Czech origin, but it's one of the most popular street foods in Prague! It's a pastry made by wrapping dough around a stick, coating it with sugar and cinnamon, and roasting it over fire. Greater: hot chocolate at Café Kafíčko. Expect your life to be changed by this cup of velvety goodness.The greatest: beer. Try not only the classics – Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen or Budvar – but also the beer that's produced by microbreweries. The Czechs definitely know what they are doing.
  2. viewpoint
    Best viewpoint
    The Old Town Bridge Tower. The beautiful Gothic monument, located at eastern end of the Charles Bridge, provides stunning views of the river and the bridge. The entrance is not so obvious so many people miss it, but be on the lookout!
  3. get_around
    Easiest way to get around
    On foot. Prague's city centre isn't that big, but you'll be walking on cobbled streets most of the time. So make sure to start your day with comfortable shoes.
  4. shopping
    Perfect for a shopping spree
    Na Příkopě. Prague's main shopping street has everything: exclusive shops, bars restaurants, cafés, galleries, and some interesting architectural features, too. You can also buy authentic Czech crystals here. If you want to visit some designer boutiques, Pařížská street is the place to be!Check out Hana Havelkova and Klara Nademlynska, two of the most renowned fashion designers in the country!
  5. art
    Most impressive art
    The Mucha Museum gives insights on Alphonse Mucha and his exceptional Art Nouveau, while the Franz Kafka Museum tells you the story of Kafka's life and his most famous novella 'The Metamorphosis'. More into contemporary art? No problem. Just visit the MeetFactory.It used to be a warehouse, now it's a large space with galleries, concerts and theatre performances. Its founder David Černý is also known for his street art.Head over to Kampa Park and the TV tower in the Žižkov neighbourhood to see some of his impressive sculptures.
  6. nightlife
    Best nightlife
    The Jazz Dock in the Smicho neighborhood. It's one of the best places for live music. Are you more into party music than jazz?Karlovy Lázně is the club that everybody is talking about. Every one of its five floors has its own genre such as hip-hop, 80's and hard-core trance.For a more relaxed night, you don't want miss out on Chapeau Rouge. Each of its three storeys has its own unique feel – the further down you go, the more psychedelic the music gets.
  7. parks
    Nicest parks
    Riegrovy sady. Right in the city centre, this park offers an amazing view of the Prague Castle and the Old Town. Also, check out the beer garden there and have some Zemský Pivovar if you like.If you want to escape the busy streets for a while, go to Letenské sady and enjoy the stunning view of the river from the Hanavský Pavilion.
  8. kids
    Most entertaining for kids
    The Prague Zoo. It's located in Troja and belongs to the best zoos in the world. Or take your kids to the National Marionette Theatre.It's an only-in-Prague type of attraction which is enjoyable for both adults and kids – and entertains your little ones for a longer time than the Astronomical Clock upon the Old Town Hall building. Every hour, two windows above the clock open to show the Twelve Apostles for about 45 seconds.
  9. secret
    Best kept secret
    Prague has several beer spas, where you can bathe in a mix of yeast, hops, malt and beer itself. The treatment is supposed to have a positive effect on the skin and ease fatigue and stress.


Annika, Qixxit team member & savvy traveller

For me, Prague is as much punk as it is grandeur and elegance. A breathtaking beauty full of surprises and little quirks, with fantastic beer and the world's best hot chocolate. Just like Sezin Koehler wrote: 'Prague isn’t just a city, but an entity of some kind.''

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