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Travel to Düsseldorf

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Why should I visit Düsseldorf ?

Posh, yet lovable
Düsseldorf is a city that likes to have it both ways. It preserved its past glories, from palaces and pleasure gardens to the cheery beer cellars of its Old Town. But it's on the cutting edge, too – just look at Medienhafen, a stylish harbor development with buildings by the likes of Frank Gehry. Among the other hats this city nonchalantly wears, it's a centre for German fashion, a foodie favorite loaded with Michelin-starred restaurants, and its high culture credentials are equal to that of many major capital cities.

3 of the many reasons to travel to Düsseldorf

  1. Travel to Düsseldorf - Altstadt
    The Altstadt (Old Town), the historic centre of Düsseldorf, boasts 260 pubs packed into one square kilometre, not to mention all manner of bars and nightclubs, plus the cream of the city's cultural landmarks. It's home to the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, a glittering opera house, where the local ballet company strut their stuff. You'll also find an array of museums dedicated to shipping, cinema and other eclectic topics.
  2. Travel to Düsseldorf - Königsallee
    Dubbed the “Kö” for short, the Königsallee is Düsseldorf's main shopping drag. The street was awarded its name (which means the “King's Road”) back in 1851, as a way of apologizing to Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia after some angry locals hurled dung at him. There's no smell of manure today as you stroll past top designer brands like Karl Lagerfeld, Cartier and Jimmy Choo, or pop in for a drink at Tino's Piano Bar.
  3. Travel to Düsseldorf - Rheinturm
    The Rheinturm (Rhine Tower) was completed in 1982 after a three-year build, this landmark by top German architect Harald Deilmann is easily the tallest building in Düsseldorf at a lofty 240.5 metres. You can see all the way to Cologne from its rotating restaurant, bar and observation deck. By night it also functions as a giant digital clock, courtesy of a light sculpture by laser show pioneer Horst H. Baumann.
Did You Know?

Düsseldorf has over 20 theatres.

The city is a centre for performing arts of many kinds, with venues devoted to everything from classic drama to political stand-up and musicals.

When is the best time to visit Düsseldorf?

Compared to some other parts of Germany, Düsseldorf benefits from relatively mild weather in summer and winter. It's at its warmest in July and August, and even then, with average temperatures of only 24°C, you can keep up a brisk sight-seeing itinerary without breaking a sweat. In the cold months, it rarely drops below freezing, with plenty of people hitting the streets for Christmas festivities and the Carnival season at the beginning of Lent.

How can I get to Düsseldorf?

Düsseldorf has 1 main airports and several conveniently located train and bus stations
Stations in Düsseldorf

Train stations

Düsseldorf Hbf
Düsseldorf Hbf ZOB


Dusseldorf International

Bus stops

Düsseldorf ZOB
Düsseldorf Hbf, Zug

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How can I reach Düsseldorf's city centre from the airport?


The main connection between Düsseldorf International Airport and the city centre is the S-Bahn line running from beneath the main terminal.


Which cities can I reach from Düsseldorf by train?


From the Central Station you can hop aboard ICE (InterCityExpress) trains to neighbouring countries, for example the Netherlands, while the local light rail system ensures that Düsseldorf is well connected to other cities in the area, like Cologne, Duisburg, Wuppertal, Aachen and Dortmund.

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Düsseldorf Travel Tips

  1. food
    Tastiest food to try
    There are plenty of hearty Rhenish dishes to try: Himmel und Ad (black pudding on apple fritters), Reibekuchen (potato pancakes), steaks smeared with the strong, spicy local mustard. At the same time Düsseldorf is also known for its cosmopolitan dining scene, with a wide variety of Asian and New World flavours in the mix.
  2. viewpoint
    Best viewpoint
    Schlossturm (Castle Tower). The lone remnant of an old palace, this pretty, white tower houses a maritime museum and a cafe, a cosy place to enjoy coffee and pastries while taking in some breathtaking views over Burgplatz and the Rhine.
  3. get_around
    Easiest way to get around
    Public transport. The DüsseldorfCard entitles visitors to free travel around town by bus, rail and boat, plus free or discounted entry to many local attractions. Cards are available for individuals or families/groups for 24 to 96 hour periods.
  4. shopping
    Perfect for a shopping spree
    Ackerstrasse in the Flingern district is a trendsetter's delight, jammed with hip boutiques, galleries and art studios. At the heart of the city's Japanese Quarter, Immermannstrasse is a treasure trove of gadgets, kimonos, manga and rare, imported anime merchandise.
  5. art
    Most impressive art
    Museum Kunstpalast. Highlights include Baroque drawings, a Rubens diptych and lots of contemporary German art. The K20 Grabbeplatz hosts a mix of important works by Fauvist, Cubist and American Abstract Expressionist painters.
  6. nightlife
    Best nightlife
    Traditional Düsseldorf nightlife centers around cosy brewery pubs like the Brauerei Zum Schiffchen, which dates all the way back to Napoleonic times. Tipple of choice is Altbier, a beer made with an age-old top fermentation method which results in a deep, rich color and a crisp, fruity taste, just the thing for washing down bites of pork knuckles and meatballs.
  7. parks
    Nicest parks
    Palace and Park Penrath. Magnificent baroque pleasure gardens complete with ponds, formal walks and marble sculptures, plus museums devoted to landscaping and the natural sciences. Also beautiful: Heinrich Heine University Botanical Garden. It shows over 6,000 species from around the world, with an emphasis on Australasia and South America.
  8. kids
    Most entertaining for kids
    Situated in the idyllic surroundings of the city's Nordpark, the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum has over 140 aquariums where you can see penguins, octopuses, caiman and other aquatic critters. The Puppet Theater at Helmholtzstrasse is fun for very young children, while Marionetten-Theater in the Palais Wittgenstein caters to slightly more sophisticated tastes.
  9. secret
    Best kept secret
    Roncalli's Apollo Varieté. Tucked away on the Rhine embankment is this plush, intimate venue which recreates the decadent pleasures of 1920s German cabaret. Enjoy dinner and a vibrant show teeming with clowns, acrobats, magicians and burlesque girls.


Martina, Qixxit team member & savvy traveller

Why is Düsseldorf special? Because the city is so much more than what you expect. Yes, there is the posh Düsseldorf that all Germans know about. But there is also the artistic, the innovative and the cheerful Düsseldorf. I like them all.

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