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Travel to Dortmund

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Why should I visit Dortmund ?

Commerce, culture, great beer and one heck of a soccer team
Dortmund is one of the undervalued gems of the Ruhr area, often overshadowed by its more populous neighbors in the Rhineland. The city and its people are known for their honest nature and undefeatable spirit, which has helped them rebuild the city more than once in the wake of terrible war. Dortmund acquired the name ‘The Steel City’ for both, its character and its role in the mining boom of the last century, as well as a sterling reputation for producing great beer and top-quality soccer players.

3 of the many reasons to travel to Dortmund

  1. Travel to Dortmund - Westfalenstadion
    The Westfalenstadion is the biggest soccer stadium in Germany and home to the city's main team, Borussia Dortmund. Voted the ‘Best Stadium in the World’ in a recent Times poll, game tickets are hard to come by if you are not an official member of the club. However, you can always take a guided tour of the grounds to get a sense of the rich and exciting history of the club and its fans. If you are looking for a little more soccer history, try the German Football Museum. Built from the profits of the 2006 World Cup, it details the history of soccer in Germany. Many famous trophies, including the World and European cup, are on display here.
  2. Travel to Dortmund - Botanische Garten Rombergpark
    Botanische Garten Rombergpark
    As one of the largest botanical gardens in the world, the Botanischer Garten Rombergpark is sure to offer at least one unknown treasure to every visitor. It features four separate greenhouses, each one housing a different eco-system ranging from tropical to succulent. You'll also find an herb garden with over 400 different species on display.
  3. Travel to Dortmund - Old Market
    Old Market
    The Alter Markt or Old Market gives you a true glimpse of German history. Tracing its origins back to the 12th century, the market is still a popular attraction to this day, with numerous shops and boutiques located around the square. However, the real charm lies in its history and the beauty of the old-fashioned buildings. Particular highlights include the Old Civic Hall and the Old Town Hall, as well as the fountain at the centre, which has been keeping animals hydrated for over 100 years!
Did You Know?

Dortmund was extensively rebuilt after World War 2.

The city of Dortmund endured an incredible amount of bombing during the war, with almost the entire inner city destroyed and subsequently rebuilt.

When is the best time to visit Dortmund?

For those looking for sunshine, the best time to visit Dortmund is between June and August. If you are seeking a drier climate regardless of temperature, travel to Dortmund between January and March. Temperatures fall to 5°C, but thanks to the many museums, such as the museum in the Zollern Colliery or the Brewery museum, you won’t get bored even when it’s chilly outside.

How can I get to Dortmund?

Dortmund has 1 main airports and several conveniently located train and bus stations
Stations in Dortmund

Train stations

Dortmund Hbf



Bus stops

Dortmund ZOB

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How can I reach Dortmund's city centre from the airport?


You can reach Dortmund from Düsseldorf Airport via a number of train connections that travel to the main train station of Dortmund. Many services are direct and take as little as 50 minutes to get there.


Which cities can I reach from Dortmund by train?


From the main train station, you can easily access a number of nearby cities including Essen, Duisberg, and Bochum, which are all cities that are steeped in the historical development of Germany as an industrial powerhouse.

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Dortmund Travel Tips

  1. food
    Tastiest food to try
    The traditional fare that is found in Dortmund is simple yet very satisfying and incredibly tasty. Westphalian Grünkohl is a ham and cabbage dish that will fill you up at lunchtime. For the main meal, why not try some Pfefferpotthast, a peppered beef stew that is flavored by onions? Of course, you’ll also find a wide selection of sausage-based finger foods including Bratwurst and Blutwurst in a roll.
  2. viewpoint
    Best viewpoint
    Those looking for a panoramic view of Dortmund are advised to travel to the Klusenberg. This hill is the opening mound of the Ardey range and can be found immediately north of the Hengsteyee. Standing over 250 metres tall, it offers exceptional views of the city for those who are willing to make the climb.
  3. get_around
    Easiest way to get around
    By public transport. Like many German cities, Dortmund’s public transportation system is quite comprehensive, with a network of bus, trains and subways all falling under one ticket.
  4. shopping
    Perfect for a shopping spree
    Considered to be the shopping center of the entire Ruhr region, Dortmund offers a lot for those in search of a little retail therapy. The Westenhellweg is the most famous shopping area and offers everything from personal and intimate shopping boutiques to major department stores. For a chicer and hipster-friendly experience, try the Rose District and more specifically, Victoriastrasse. Here you’ll find a range of trendy ware including arts and crafts stores and a multitude of owner-run cafes and restaurants.
  5. art
    Most impressive art
    The Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte. Translated as The Museum of Art and Cultural History, this museum houses a wide range of exhibitions and artworks. Highlights include a massive collection of 19th century paintings from the likes of Max Slevogt, Anton Von Werner and Paul Cezanne. Exhibitions include a large collection of Roman coins and the Gothic Madonnas of Conrad of Soest.
  6. nightlife
    Best nightlife
    Dortmund’s proud history as a beer brewing city means there is no shortage of places to try some home-brewed goodness. Hovels Hausbrauerei has been making traditional German beer in its micro-brewery for almost two centuries. For those looking for more action, Prisma Nachterlebniswelt is the city's biggest nightclub, with five separate dancefloors and a VIP lounge.
  7. parks
    Nicest parks
    The Westfalenpark covers 175 acres and boasts a number of attractions including the TV tower and a rosarium with over 2600 separate strains of roses on display.
  8. kids
    Most entertaining for kids
    The Dortmund Zoo is one of the most loved kids' attractions in the city, with an impressive range of animals to see. The Kletterhalle Bergwerk is a climbing wall where both kids and grown-ups can enjoy some exciting moments under the supervision of experienced climbers.
  9. secret
    Best kept secret
    Ever learned to cook at a Cookbook Museum? A little more surreal than your average museum, the Cookbook Museum features a wide range of artifacts from culinary masters, as well as cooking classes for both grown-ups and children.


Ginger, Qixxit team member & savvy traveller

The best reason to travel to Dortmund? The people who live there! They are authentic, sometimes gruff, sometimes charming – and always likeable.

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