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Travel to Bremen

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Why should I visit Bremen ?

The city that the Brothers Grimm wrote fairy tales about
Bremen has all the quaint, picturesque charm you'd want from a Northern German city – from the narrow medieval lanes of the Schnoor Quarter to its matchless Gothic marketplace. And yes, there are hearty food and drinks to match in the town brew houses. But it's also a town that has moved gracefully with the times, amply demonstrated by the laid-back cafe culture and smart restaurants of the Viertel district and the glittering waterside development of the Überseestadt.

3 of the many reasons to travel to Bremen

  1. Travel to Bremen - The Bremer Roland
    The Bremer Roland
    The Bremen Roland has stood proudly in the main market place opposite the cathedral since 1404. Symbolic of liberty and free trade, the 5.5 m tall stone statue depicts Roland, right hand man of Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne, who unified much of Europe during the late eighth and early ninth century. The statue shows him dressed in fashionable knightly garb and carrying a shield inscribed with a message of independence.
  2. Travel to Bremen - The Stadtmusikanten
    The Stadtmusikanten
    The Bremer Stadtmusikanten (The Town Musicians of Bremen) statue by Bauhaus artist Gerhard Marcks is another popular landmark. It's based on a charming fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm about a quartet of farm animals who run away to Bremen in the belief that they have what it takes to become musicians. It's customary to rub the front hooves of the donkey for good luck.
  3. Travel to Bremen - Bremer Marktplatz
    Bremer Marktplatz
    One of the glories of Bremen is its market square, which boasts a magnificent collection of Gothic and Weser Renaissance architecture complete with gables, pointed windows and elaborate facades. Dominating the square is the large Town Hall which dates from 1400.There are also merchant houses, a stately 16th century Schutting (Guildhall), and the cathedral with its twin belfries.
Did You Know?

Bremen isn't just a city, it's a federal state.

In conjunction with the port of Bremerhaven, it's one of Germany's 16 states, with its own senate.

When is the best time to visit Bremen?

Not far from the North Sea, Bremen enjoys relatively mild weather all year round. High season is June to August, with temperatures in the 20 to 22°C range. In the winter, average temperatures drop just below freezing, and throughout the year there's a fairly consistent 8 to 12 rainy days every month. So whenever you visit, it's not a bad idea to pack a waterproof jacket.

How can I get to Bremen?

Bremen has 1 main airports and several conveniently located train and bus stations
Stations in Bremen

Train stations

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How can I reach Bremen's city centre from the airport?



Which cities can I reach from Bremen by train?


The local S-Bahn service connects Bremen with other towns in Lower Saxony such as the seaport of Bremerhaven, Twistringen (known for its straw museum) and Verden an der Aller. Bigger cities like Hamburg and Hannover can be reached from Bremen main station within an hour.

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Bremen Travel Tips

  1. food
    Tastiest food to try
    Schnoorkuller. The nougat-filled meringue balls are only available in Bremen. Try them while sipping on a fragrant cup of Bremer Mischung, a special coffee blend only served in Bremen. If you are looking for hearty food, make sure to order Labskaus, a hash of fried corned beef, potato, onion and beetroot or Grünkohl (cooked kale), usually served with Pinkel, a type of sausage made from bacon and oats. Herring, which is a stable in Northern German cuisine, is best when in season.
  2. viewpoint
    Best viewpoint
    The Fallturm (Drop Tower). Standing at 146 m, this lofty tower is essentially a long, thin laboratory where experiments in free fall and zero gravity are conducted. There are regular tours of the facility, and the top of the tower has lounge areas with unparalleled views over the surrounding countryside.
  3. get_around
    Easiest way to get around
    Public transport. At a cost of €9.50, the ErlebnisCARD entitles one adult and two children to a day of free travel in Bremen and the surrounding area by bus, tram, regional train and ferry. In addition, you can get half price discounts at many of the town's main attractions, including restaurants.
  4. shopping
    Perfect for a shopping spree
    Just by the cathedral, the Domshof passage is a glass-roofed arcade lined with a mix of high street brands. Every Saturday morning there's an antiques market on the Weser Riverbank, and on Sundays a huge flea market on the Burgerweide draws a crowd of bargain hunters.
  5. art
    Most impressive art
    Bremen is particularly strong when it comes to modern art. The Gerhard Marcks House boasts 400 sculptures by the celebrated German artist, while the Paula Modersohn-Becker museum is dedicated to one of Germany’s foremost female painters. The Weserburg Museum of Modern Art presents a fine collection of contemporary works in a converted coffee warehouse.
  6. nightlife
    Best nightlife
    Much of Bremen's social life centers around traditional brewpubs like Achim's Beck'shaus, the Friesenhof and Feldmann's Bierhaus. Wine enthusiasts should head to the Bremen Ratskeller Restaurant, and cocktail aficionados should check out the trendy Blauer Fasan.
  7. parks
    Nicest parks
    Close to the train station, the Bürgerpark is a green space bustling with activity, from jogging, row-boating and horse-riding to entertainers performing Shakespeare plays. The highlight of Knoops Park is a sensory garden for the sight impaired, while the 46 hectare Rhododendron Park is a riot of color.
  8. kids
    Most entertaining for kids
    For high octane thrills, the Junior Motor Park Bremen lets children as young as six get behind the wheel, and there's trampolining and mini-golf too. At the Bremen Parrot Protection Center, two large aircraft hangars have been turned into a magically lush natural habitat for rescued birds.
  9. secret
    Best kept secret
    The Lead Cellar Mummies. In the 17th century, several dessicated corpses were discovered in a crypt beneath the cathedral. These mysterious mummies (which are now believed to be the bodies of soldiers) are still on display today.


Susan, Qixxit team member & savvy traveller

Medieval charm and sooo much good coffee: For me, Bremen is one of Northern Germany's most beautiful cities.