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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use Qixxit?


You are tired of comparing different website for hours? Our focus is on medium- and long-distance trips. Qixxit does more than simply show you various travel options—it combines trips by train, plane and long-distance bus into one itinerary and determines the best possible route for you. If there’s a direct connection, Qixxit will tell you that, too and compares additional travel options, too. With Qixxit, you receive various options and discover routes you might not have been thinking of before - neatly arranged and easy to use. And the best is: you’ll get everything with only one search.


Which modes of transportation are included in Qixxit’s travel planning?


Qixxit integrates train rides, flights and also long-distance bus trips, into one connected route - to determine the best possible travel option for you.


What kinds of trips can I plan with Qixxit?


You can use Qixxit to plan any kind of travel, from your weekend trip to see your grandma to your next vacation with friends to Spain, Italy, Vietnam or Cuba. Qixxit gets you to any flight destination in the world as well as to all railway and soon also long-distance bus destinations that are reachable from Germany. The trip begins and ends at your remote bus stop, train station or airport.


What do I have to keep in mind when traveling with kids? Which policies do you have for children traveling alone?


We are working with different providers whose policies for traveling with children may vary. In order to provide the best service to you, Qixxit has collected all of the providers' information and and set up the following policies:

In general, we consider passengers under the age of 18 as children. We ask you though to enter the age of young passengers when searching for a connection. That will help us find the right ticket for your child. In addition, underaged children have to be accompanied by their parents or grandparents. At the moment, we cannot provide service to children traveling alone.
Here we've summarized the most important information from our partners' FAQs for you:

Deutsche Bahn:
Passengers under the age of 15 may travel for free if they are accompanied by their parents or grandparents (children under the age of 6 are not required to have their own ticket and won't be mentioned on the adults' ticket). Families can also benefit from a special offer when booking a seat reservation: A reservation for all family members is only 9 Euro.

Children under the age of 15 travel at a reduced rate. If the usual price is below the reduced price, the child will automatically travel at the less expensive rate. Children aged 15 and older will travel at the normal rate.

The airlines' policies for traveling with children and children traveling alone may vary. In general, Skyscanner does not allow you to book a trip if you are outnumbered by the infants (0 – 2 years) you are traveling with. Adults can travel with more than one child (3 – 18 years) though.
For more detailed information, please check directly with our partners.


What kinds of tickets can I book through Qixxit?


You can purchase your Deutsche Bahn train tickets directly through us. It’s super quick and easy. For all other modes of transportation, you’ll be directed to the respective partner’s website and can book your ticket there. The booking is always between you and the cooperating partner. That’s where you’ll also find all the information you need regarding rates, special services, discounts, group bookings, etc.


How do I get my tickets?


Your tickets will be issued directly by the partner through whom you’ve booked your trip, and you’ll always receive them by email. Tickets for Deutsche Bahn can be saved in the app. If you book through Qixxit’s website, you’ll also be provided with a ticket you can download. Please, make sure to print your PDF-Ticket.


Who can help me if I have questions about my booking?


The Deutsche Bahn customer center is available around the clock to answer your questions at 0180 6 99 66 33 (20 ct/landline call; max 60 ct/mobile call). For information in English, please dial: 0044 (0) 8718 80 80 66 (costs depending on provider).

The customer support is available 24/7 at +49 (0)30 300 137 300* (fees for calls from landlines as well as from mobile phones depend on individual provider‘s rates). Additional information on how to contact FlixBus is available here:

If you have any questions concerning your flight ticket or the flight, please get in touch with the respective airline you booked your ticket with. You find the contact information on their websites.

For general questions regarding Qixxit contact us via email at kontakt@qixxit.de


Is there a fee for using Qixxit?


The use of Qixxit itself is completely free. You only have to pay for your tickets.


Can I set up a profile?


At the moment, it’s not yet possible to set up a personal profile.


How can I give you feedback on the app?


We love your feedback! Honestly. Because your suggestions for improvement and also your praises are the most relevant to us. Within the app and on the website, there are several ways to send us your feedback. In the app for example, have a look at the page menu or use the feedback tool after the booking. You can also send us an Email via kontakt@qixxit.de.


How can I cancel my ticket?


You can manage tickets booked with Qixxit at: qixxit.com/en/cancellation. Please note that the cancellation policies are created and enforced by the transportation operators and that there are certain fare types that cannot be cancelled. You can find more information about your cancellation options on Manage my bookings at qixxit.com/en/cancellation. To manage tickets booked outside of Qixxit, please check directly with our partners.

Are you a journalist? Please send your inquiries to press@qixxit.de.