Qixxit introduces intermodal bookings as an innovation for the travel industry

Intermodal travel platform Qixxit and airline distribution startup flyiin successfully teamed up to enable seamlessly bookable intermodal products for the travel market. The innovation was made possible by integrating IATA’s New Distribution Capability Standard (NDC) which upgrades communication between airlines, the travel industry and clients.

With this latest innovation in travel technology, consumers will for the first time be able to find intermodal combinations of flights, trains and bus connections with Qixxit’s smart search technology and algorithm and also book combined services in a one-click-booking process on the Qixxit platform.

”By implementing NDC in an exclusive partnership with flyiin, Qixxit now operates as a direct vendor of partnering airlines, including the most attractive pricing, rates and ancillaries”, explains Stefan Kellner, CEO at Qixxit: “Our customers are now able to book their intermodal trips, including Deutsche Bahn and Lufthansa tickets, in one single checkout. Enabling one-click-booking for entire journeys like ​Würzburg to Barcelona, Koblenz to Budapest or Mannheim to Stockholm on just one platform meets the market’s demand for innovative and smart booking. Still we are offering the same advantages as the travel service providers.​” Travel tech startup flyiin enables the integration of airlines’ APIs into one platform. "flyiin is the technology partner of choice for emerging travel resellers. Our Airline DirectConnect platform provides them with a simple way to connect to their partner airlines, and build truly user-centric digital experiences“​, declares Stéphane Pingaud, CEO of flyiin. ​The first airline group to integrate with flyiin's Airline DirectConnect Platform and benefit from the NDC-based distribution model are the Lufthansa Group airlines.

Intermodal travel platform Qixxit combines flights, rail and long-distance bus options into one customer itinerary. Travelers find and book it all in one place: smart connections, advantageous, exact fares and tickets. More information at

flyiin provides forward-looking travel resellers with a simple way to build truly user-centric flight booking experiences based on direct connections to their partner airlines. Startups, marketplaces, corporations, destination marketing companies will use its Airline DirectConnect Platform to design experiences for their users to easily search, compare and buy flights and related services directly with airlines.



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