Qixxit and FlixBus now travelling together

The digital travel planner Qixxit will now be integrating into its trip planning all the connections offered by mobility provider FlixBus. The new FlixTrain routes will be included soon as well. Following the recent re-launch of Qixxit’s comparison portal, the two tech companies are now connected through an interface. This means that now, for the very first time, all three primary means of travel – long-distance bus, train and air travel – can be compared and combined into one smoothly linked journey.

“Thanks to the intelligent linking of long-distances bus, train and air travel, Qixxit can offer an even wider range of travel alternatives. So for example, if you’d like to travel from Wolfsburg, Germany, to Barcelona, Spain, we’ll be able to provide you with all the right train, long-distance bus and flight options. We help reduce travel planning to just one search query – and booking to just a few simple steps,” explains Stefan Kellner, CEO at Qixxit.

From now on, Qixxit’s travel planning also includes access to all European FlixBus connections as well as trains and flights. Should the route require several different means of transport, Qixxit can link them in the best possible way, taking into account check-in and layover times in the itinerary and providing the most relevant travel options. Deutsche Bahn train tickets can be booked directly through Qixxit.

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Because every trip matters

Stefan, Davide and Markus have been working together with their team on the digital travel planner Qixxit for a year now. In the following interview, they describe some of the challenges they’ve had to face—especially in the run-up to the launch of their novel online travel planner—and explain what lies ahead for them.

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