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Stefan, Davide and Markus have been working together with their team on the digital travel planner Qixxit for a year now. In the following interview, they describe some of the challenges they’ve had to face—especially in the run-up to the launch of their novel online travel planner—and explain what lies ahead for them.

The new Qixxit app has been available in app stores and the new website is online, too. Both are currently in beta version. Looking back over the first year, what conclusions have you arrived at?

Davide: “Creating everything from scratch has been challenging—but very exciting. From the very beginning, we wanted to keep the travellers themselves as the focus of our product experience. So we designed Qixxit using feedback from hundreds of travellers. We re-invented the way trips can be planned, explored and booked online. While that’s easy to explain, it actually ended up being a whole lot of work over the last months. It’s going to keep us busy in the future because really, we’re just at the beginning and we’re looking forward to all that lies ahead of us.”

Markus: “From the very start, this journey of ours has brought up technical challenges—and they’ve been both interesting and worthwhile to overcome. It’s been worth it just for everything we’ve learned from our efforts. And we’ve successfully developed a truly novel product from the ground up. Doing this was also an opportunity to create quite an impressive organization, by bringing exceptionally talented and passionate people together to form an excellent team. It’s all really been enormously rewarding.”

What exactly can travellers look forward to?

Davide: “The best is yet to come! As part of the next updates, we’ll be presenting new features from long-distance bus options in Germany as well as the possibility to save your data for consecutive bookings or receive a Deutsche Bahn ticket for your smartphone. As travellers ourselves, we believe that every trip matters. Which is why our goal is to make Qixxit an exciting place to plan any trip, whether you're flying to Cuba for an extended vacation or simply heading home for the weekend.”

Markus: “Our ambition is driven by a desire to provide the best possible offers and travel combinations—and we’re constantly striving to get better at doing this. Our users can look forward to even more smart connections in the future. We’re also continuing to work on improving the performance of the app. We’re truly proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but even so, we’ve only just begun. There’s always going to be something else that can be optimized.”

Stefan: “We’re going to be integrating more transportation operators in a step-by-step way. First, we’re looking into European operators because our goal is to become a solid and dependable travel planner for all of Europe. But we’re going to take our time—despite all our ideas and ambitious plans for the future, we want to grow organically and steadily increase the quality of the innovative product we’re offering.

Stefan Kellner is CEO at Qixxit. Davide Mazzanti is CPO and responsible for product development. CTO Markus Krogemann oversees software development and infrastructure.



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