The Qixxit team is growing

A 21-expert team is preparing the re-launch

At travel planner Qixxit, all signs are pointing to go. Chief Executive Office (CEO) Stefan Kellner’s team has grown steadily over the past few months. Currently, 21 experts from the areas of software development, design, marketing and communication are busy preparing the re-launch of the Qixxit app, which is planned to occur before the year is out.

The team of developers headed up by Dr. Markus Krogemann, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is working to make the app even better—and faster. The new app just recently went online in an initial beta version to enable the testing of its functions and design with a larger user group.

“First and foremost, our goal is to make travel planning easier. That’s why we’re developing a new search engine which combines trains, long-distance buses and air travel options in an intelligent way. If you plan your trip with Qixxit, you’ll reach your destination quickly, comfortably and potentially at a lower price, too,” explains Stefan Kellner.

It’s up to Davide Mazzanti, Chief Product Officer (CPO), to ensure that Qixxit’s new functions and design are appealing to users. He’ll be overseeing product management for the upcoming re-launch and is working closely with all the members of the team. Currently, the team members stem from eleven different countries: Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Pakistan, Ukraine, Japan, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Tunisia and Jordan.

“We’re getting such enormous benefits from the international mix of our staff, it’s created great company dynamics. And we’re looking to expand our team further, so it’s definitely worth checking out,” adds Kellner.

Qixxit will be present at the IFA Startup Days in Berlin (hall 26A) on September 6.

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