The places we want to go are what brought us here.

At Qixxit, we are natural born travelers. Our team members come from 18 different nations, have visited an average of 19 countries and plan to see the rest of the world. But even though traveling runs through our veins, the planning of trips was never as easy as we wanted it to be. Until we started Qixxit.

Our journey began with one idea in mind: To give travelers the time for dreaming back. To free them from the hour long research and manual comparison of buses, trains and flights, from the calculation of travel times and the stress of planning. Cause we believe: You should spend more time planning your adventure in Argentina or your romantic getaway to Rome than booking your trip.

What we do



We work with travelers for travelers.

Hundreds of travelers shape Qixxit. Their input helps us make Qixxit the only digital travel companion you'll ever need.

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Intermodality is our thing.

Every traveler has been doing it: Combing different modes of transportation is the most natural way of traveling, and yet, Qixxit is the first travel planner to actually help you with it.


We code the perfect trip.

At Qixxit, we use state-of-the-art technology to find, sort and filter the best out of millions of travel options.